The youth meetings, which were carried out under the name of “Youth Days" for twenty-three years, will meet with audiences under the name “Young Days” and “Young Theatre.”

The chief target of the Youth Theatre is to provide training for new writers, directors, and designers as well as introducing them to young audiences.
The production teams in the Youth Theatre work on a voluntary basis as well as performing in the repertoire of Istanbul Municipal Theatre using materials available in the theatre. 

The Youth Theatre reached 17,000 spectators in May 2009. In 2010 its program began on the 5th of January -at Üsküdar Kerem Yılmazer Theatre.

The plays which will be presented in 2009-10 are as follows: “The Waiting Room (Bekleme Salonu)” written by Yiğit Sertdemir and directed by Tolga Yeter; “Cage (Kafes)” written by Mario Fratti and directed by Ali Gökmen Altuğ; and “Servants (Hizmetçiler)” written by Jean Genet and staged by a team. 

The Youth Theatre aims to perform new plays on its own and to be the host of domestic and international companies. Other events include modern dance performances, university meetings, concerts, panels and workshops.

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