The Children’s Theatre of Istanbul Municipal Theatre will meet with audiences by adding eight new plays continued from last year to this season.

In addition to plays which are suitable for children between the ages of 0 to 5, there is a wide repertoire of puppet shows and shadow plays this season extending from children’s classics to Shakespeare adaptations, Karagöz to the Clown, in addition to stage settings.The Children’s Theatre of İstanbul Municipal Theatre, which also hosts training activities for children in its Children’s  Education program, called “Being Different and Shaping up Different,” is enlarging its activities by aiming to welcome children with physical and mental differences to the theatre.

The Children’s Theatre of IMT has two special theatres designed for children in Gaziosmanpaşa and Kağithane. There are also  theatres where adult plays are staged and which  host shows on weekdays. As such, audiences are able to meet with a variety of surprises in the foyers, such as interviews for parents, play readings, performances, and other activities.
The IMT Children’s Theatre will meet audiences with  new projects, seeking a new language for children's drama. Today’s children have been rapidly transforming their perception of life and their ways of expression. In this context, different approaches, narrative styles, and the language of children and theatre are extremely important.


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