The Contemporary Performing Arts Center (CGSM) is founded in November 2010 upon decision by Executive Committee of Istanbul Municipal Theater, in accordance to the declaration of “leading the way to the innovative attempts in Turkish theater” of the Theater’s guidelines. Emre Koyuncuoğlu, who also works as a director at the Istanbul Municipal Theater is in charge of the organization.

The main objective of CGSM, is to follow the contemporary theater both in Turkey and in the international arena and to develop projects, workshops and educational programs in order to share the experience and the outcomes with actors, dancers and performance artists. CGSM acts with the motivation of constituting agenda for the Turkish theater, bringing up suggestions, carrying out and leading the way to innovative works, promoting contemporary theater and the avant-garde, establishing cooperation with different theater groups and institutions, conducting studies on the interaction of the traditional and modern, all of which in turn aims at producing and presenting projects both nationwide and in the international arena.

Exploring the creative dialog and correspondence between the playwright, the stage designer, the theoretician, the critic, the actor and the audience, and carrying out workshops and projects, all of which are receptive to the accomplishments of science, philosophy and other contemporary arts, are among the objectives of the organization.


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