News Date :04/08/2010
Art exhibition in Tulip Festival

Istanbul Tulip Festival continued with Tulip-themed exhibition of İsmail Acar, organized in Cemal Reşit Rey Foyer.

In the frame of 5th Tulip Festival, the exhibition in which paintings of Artist Ismail Acar are presented, is in Cemal Reşit Foyer. Art exhibition is going to continue until 9th May.

International awarded artist Ismail Acar of Turkish painting tells Anatolia where he lived his childhood and past and today of Istanbul with a modern comment and many techniques.

Since he gained first prize in 2007 and 2009, in Bienal of Florence, Ismail Acar is first artist who gained golden medal in Bienal history.

Acar  who named his exhibitions as; Kaftanlar (Kaftans), Üç İstanbul (Three Istanbul)(Bizans, Osmanlı, Cumhuriyet (Byzantine, Ottoman, Republic)), Ayasofya (Hagia Sophia), Nar (pomegranate), Gül (Rose), Lale (Tulip), Kaligrafi (calligraphy), Milli Mücadele Kadınları (Women of National Struggle), Sultan Portreleri (Portrays of Sultan), Bizans (Byzantine), Anadolu’nun Tanrıları ve Kralları (Gods and Kings of Anatolia), Porselen Krallıklar (Porcelain Kingdoms) , Sultanlar Venedik'te (Sultans in Venice), Doğu'nun İkonları (Icons of East), handled the subjects in time, history and geography.

Arts of Acar which attended more than 200 personal exhibition and mixed exhibition, were presented in Museums, Special Collection and Gallery of whole European Countries, USA, Canada, Mexico, whole of Arabic Peninsula, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine,  All Turkish Republics, China, Taiwan, Korean, Japan.


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