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Saint Antoine Church
The Saint Antoine Church is located on İstiklal Street in Beyoğlu, Istanbul. Construction began on August 23, 1906 and was completed and opened for religious services in 1912. Its architect, Giulio Mongeri was born in Istanbul. The church was governed by Italian priests and is the greatest Catholic Church in Istanbul with the largest number of congregation. It is a beautiful sample of tolerance and religious acceptance.

The Saint Antoine Church was built in a Neogothic style and in aLatin Cross shape measuring  20 x 50 meters. The walls of the church were covered with mosaic tiles up until a certain level, and the outer facade of the building is made of bricks. The entrance to the church is located on the main street between two apartments which were built to raise money for the church. One enters into a courtyard from the entrance door. The width of the facade of the structure overlooking İstiklal Steet is about 38 meters.

The Saint Antoine Church is a beautiful sample of tolerance and religious acceptance and it is also one of the largest Catholic churches with the busiest congregation in Istanbul.

Translated by Mr. Irfan KOKSAL


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