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Yıldız Mosque

The Yıldız Mosque, located on the way to the Yıldız Palace, is situated above Barbaros Boulevard in Beşiktaş. The principal name of the mosque is Hamidiye Mosque, built in 1885 by Abdül Hamid II. (1842 – 1918). It is rather far from the traditional Ottoman architectural style in its architectural scheme and decorative elements.

The mosque was been built after Sultan Abdül Hamid II was established in the Yildiz Palace. Both the Hünkar Köşkü (royal residence) and the Harim (sanctum sanctorum) of the mosque on square plan provide a more full visual completeness. Moreover, both the small and high dome of the mosque were erected above a polygonal tambour, which has 16 windows. Neo-Gothic style windows and muqarnas (decorative) lines add a different complexion on the tambour of the mosque. Gold leaf and the unprecedented star-shaped engravments on the blue decorations/adornments of the dome are beautiful examples of the rich engraving of the mosque. Additionally, the minaret of the structure has a decorated sherefe (minaret balcony), and the body of the minaret is fluted upward.  

Translated by Mr. Irfan KOKSAL


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