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Firuz Aga Mosque

The mosque, located on Divanyolu, just in front of the Tramway Station of Sultanahmet, was built by Firuz Ağa, head treasurer of Sultan Bayezit II. (1447- 1512) in 1491. It has a square plan with a dome and reflects Bursa style. It was built from cut stone and placed on an octagonal tambour. Windows composed of distichous with two and the inscription belongs to Şeyh Hamdullah Efendi. The arcade porches of the mosque are not in contrast with the Classical Ottoman Architecture.

The tomb of Firuz Aga, builder of the mosque, was pulled down by the command of Keçecizade Fuad Paşa, (grand vizier) in the middle of the 19th century during the road widening construction. Today, the marble sarcophagus of Firuz Aga is present in front of the wall where the minaret is located. Additionally, the cemetery of the mosque has completely been removed during road-widening construction.

Translated by Mr. Irfan KOKSAL

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