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IRCICA Library

    The Research Centre for Islamic History, Art, and Culture (IRCICA) is affiliated with the international institution OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference), which helps to perpetuate its efforts in the areas of research, publication, documentation, and information. Research primarily focuses on the history of science, art, and cultural heritage of Islamic Culture and society. One of the most important objectives of IRCICA is to establish and develop a reference library pertaining to Islamic culture and society.

   There is a very rich collection of books pertaining to the culture, history, literature, and intellectual history of the Islamic world. Incunabula and rare artifacts add to the value of the collection of the library. This considerably large and exclusive collection is formed by the kind domestic and overseas donations from the personal collections of Zeki Ali, Oktay Aslanapa, Vedat Eldem, Haydar Bammate, Necmettin Bammate, Ahmet Ates, N.Nurettin Ege, Cevriye-Ibrahim Artuk and Nuri Arlases, who are all very prominent in their respective fields. The library has approximately 70,000 books in 54languages, 10,000 gray publications, microfilms of 350 unpublished PhD thesises, 971 atlas, maps and plans, and 1,300 periodicals which are all freely accessible to all interested parties.

Translated by Mr. Irfan KOKSAL

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