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Kaşık Adası

Kaşık Adası, (Turkish: Kaşık Adası, "Spoon Island") is one of the nine islands constituting the Princes' Islands in the Marmara Sea near Istanbul. It is located by the eastern part of Burgazada. The island looks like a spoon lying face-down on a table which has given the  island its name. The old name of the island was “Pita Island.” The island is located approximately 600/700 meters away from Heybeliada. There is no serious settlement on the island, only a few buildings and a simple port exist. Its width is a few hundred meters from north to south. During the Ottoman period, therefore, it was not open to settlement and was always used as private property. Since then, it has been owned by a private individual.

After the ownership of the island passed into the possession of the Danon Family, the people of Istanbul were encouraged to use its beach as a public beach. Later, when the Dinckok family took the possession of the island, they built a concrete breakwater on the coastline above Burgazada. However, after extensive efforts to preserve the island in that time, the Islanders Fellowship Association took action to prevent settlement from being established on the island to avoid damaging the natural structure of the island. Thus, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality took aggressive measures to prevent illegal housing and to preserve the natural beauty of the island. As such, the island is closed to the general public today and has been preserved through this action.

Translated by Mr. Irfan KOKSAL


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