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Ayşe Sultan Fountain

The Ayşe Sultan Fountain is located on Imrahor Street, in front of Imrahor Mosque in Üsküdar. It was built upon the order of  Ayşe Sultan, a daughter of Sultan Murat III (1546-1595). The historical inscription that is found on the facade of the fountain is a verse written in celi sulus script. It reads: “Pure water of the fountain of  life 1007.”

The most charming element of the structure which preserves traces of Ottoman architecture from the Classical period is the red and white panelled arch.  This arch is decorated with palmated rosettes that are tiered with a slight arch molding. By incorporating these techniques, the aesthetic image of the structure was reinforced. This outstanding Ottoman fountain and its facade decorated with plant motifs was actively used until 1940. In the following years, the water of the fountain was provided from the city’s water network.

Translated by Mr. Irfan KOKSAL


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