Plantation of Tulip 

The early species of these types of tulips starting to bloom up in mid-March, are follow to bloom up by normal types of tulips in the month of April and the late blooming types of  tulips in May and the people of Istanbul will have such as a visual feast for their eyes with tulips and hyacinths, narcissus and other bulbous plants during the two months of tulip season. Thus, while the city of Istanbul and the people of Istanbul meet their tulips such as Emirgan Woods, Hidiv Woods, Gülhane Park, Bulbous Plants Park, Vatan Street will burst into riot of colors for two months of period

Especially Woods and Bulbous Plants Park in last year, a total amount of 3 million 500 thousand tulips planted in the central areas of Istanbul that has made  positive effects  in many parts of Istanbul. Eighty-two kinds of tulips,twenty-seven of which was mainly being planted, have been planted this year from Silivri to Tuzla throughout  Istanbul, due to high demand from citizens.

It is preferred to take tulips from domestic producers. The tulip buds were mainly grown in Çumra, a town of Konya, but were also grown by villagers of Silivri, Çatalca, Şile, Pamukova, and Geyve.

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