Mayor's Message 


Imagine a city that has thousands of years of history. It made ownership to various civilizations and cultures throughout the ages and the people who are from various religions, languages and races lived together in there; It made ownership to the most important period of history that were written from Byzantine to Rome, Rome to OttomanTurks, and OttomanTurks to Republic Period.

Is it possible to ignore such a city’s ancient heritage that it has witnessed a thousand years of history and was located in the intersection of both European and Asian continents? Of course not! As the mayor of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), I am always acting with the awareness of being I've inherited the legacy of thousands of years. I always keep the principle of “ Those who do not know their past will not be able to predict their future” at the corner of my mind.

While taking lessons from the mistakes committed by my ancestors in the rich  history of OttomanTurks, I am trying to convey these beauties for the future generations that they added to the life of our people and showed to the world. 
Because I know that we have no right to forget it or make it forgotten this beautiful history, of which many of us are a part.

Tulips, which are the symbol of Istanbul and are decorating the city for centruies since the period of Seljuk Turks, are the parts of this history. But unfortunately, we had forgotten the tulips which were decorating the city of Istanbul for thousands of years as we forgot so much richness in our history and past. The even more painful thing is that even we had come to believe that when asked about the homeland of tulips, our first thought were flying straight to the Netherlands.

But thankfully, as the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which has been working with both the vision and mission of preserving our cultural heritage, we returned the tulip back to its real homeland during our six years service period to the city of Istanbul. We have planted millions of tulip bulbs throughout  Istanbul, which is the homeland of the tulip. Thus, Istanbul has become a city that produces its own tulips with the works done in this direction.Support for the forest villagers as well as the flower bulbs were improved and provided allowing for additional income opportunities for the producers. Now Istanbul convey greetings to its rich history with
full of colorful-blossomed tulips.

Mr. Kadir Topbaş
The Mayor of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality