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     In 1923, after the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, people  operating with the title of (fruit and vegetable) middlemen used to work in the former tobacco customs. Goods have been used to carried into city with trains, motor ships and horse-drawn vehicles. As to some of the goods brought from Anatolia used to carry into Haydarpaşa by trains, from that point, they would bring into the fruit and vegetables market, they would be offered for sale. But later, with advancing technology, the shipments of the goods into the fruits and vegetables market changed its the way of shape, particularly with the development of the highways, both the railway and sea transportation have turned into transportation with the highways.

    The Istanbul Wholesale Market was moved to the Yemiş Pier,then it was moved to the site between Eminönü and Unkapanı which was completely destroyed during the Unkapanı Fire. The former name of the Wholesale Market used to be known as  “MEYVEHOŞ”.

    While the market gardens were previously located in the site of the current the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, after being operated in Sirkeci, later it was moved in the site of the direction of Unkapanı of the Central Wholesale Market, which was opened in 1935. It was made additional buildings to the Wholesale Market at the same year. Furthermore, the vegetables section of the additonal buildings is also known as “parsel” and “körfez”, which were build in order to keep up with the growing consumption, which was depended on the increasing population. Meanwhile, the old fish market was included in the vegetable market.

    A big Wholesale Market composed of 271 office buildings, was built Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul. In addition, the unlisenced Wholesale Market located in Kartal Aquarium district of Istanbul was moved to the building of  Wholesale Market with 20 stores built in Kadıköy, so office buildings have been legitimized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and eventually, depending on the increasing population, it has become a complex with the 193 office buildings with the additional buildings.

    After 50 years of service, the Central Wholesale Market in Unkapanı composed of 289 office buildings, was moved to the current new facilities built in Bayrampaşa. The 271 units of the brokers’ offices were moved to their new location in the complex of the Bayrampaşa Wholesale Market on a common need in 1997. It has been one of the biggest wholesale market with the 571 brokers’ offices in the Europe and Middle East regions.

    With the emergence of modern-day transportation vehicles, primitive and unusual means of transportation are used to transport goods to the market. Today, the goods are sold in the standard boxes with the more modern methods.

    A total of 764 wholesale market brokers are operating in the Bayrampaşa Central wholesale market, operated by the directorate of the Wholesale Market within the boundaries of the Bayrampasa district of Istanbul, of which 571 are in the Bayrampaşa Wholesale Market and 193 are in the Kadıköy Wholesale Market. Daily around 15-20 thousand tons of fresh fruit and vegetable needs of the Istanbul city with the population of 10 millions were met from these wholesale markets.


    In accordance with the quality, standart, and sanitary regulations of the trading of fresh vegetables and fruit, which ensure performing within the system of free competition occur within the municipal boundaries of the Istanbul city, to protect the interest of producer-consumer and fruit and vegetable middlemen in an equal and balanced manner, and equipped the wholesale markets with a modern and contemporary infrastructure system.

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