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“İBB Navi” has been put into service…

The navigation application “IBB Navi”, which was developed by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and ISBAK ( Istanbul IT and Smart City Technologies Inc.) was put into service.

5/3/2017 12:00:00 AM
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation added a new application to its existing ones that it developed to manage the city traffic more effectively. The navigation application “IBB Navi”, which is developed with Isbak, will transport you to your target in the shortest time according to the instant traffic density information in the Marmara Region, especially in Istanbul. Users of the smart device can download the application from Google Play for the Android operating system, and from App Store for the IOS operating system

Your Guide on the Road

You will reach your target in the shortest time by following the routes that were created by using the live traffic information in all cities of the Marmara Region, especially in Istanbul with the navigation application “IBB Navi”, your new guide on the road, which is prepared by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Isbak.

“IBB Navi”, which is compatible with the IOS and Android operating systems, will guide you instantly to reach your target.

Speed Dial

You can search your target by writing it to the Search bar, choose it from the separated section, or create your target with voice command.

Smart Travel Assistant

“IBB Navi” presents the alternative routes that will get you to your target in the shortest time, along with total distance and estimated time of arrival. It leads you until your point of arrival vocally so as to transport you to your target by using the route you chose. When you are out of your route or if any traffic accident or any negativity that affects the traffic flow on the route you selected occurs, it transports you to your target in the shortest time by creating a new route automatically.

“IBB Navi” continues to guide you by creating alternative routes; even there is no Internet connection.

Integrated with All Public Transportation Modes

“IBB Navi” is integrated with all public transportation vehicles in Istanbul, and it presents you environmentalist and sustainable transportation options for reaching your target.

Much more than a navigation application

You can monitor the traffic camera footage of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality on your route alive during your travel by means of “IBB Navi”.

You can view instant availability information of the parking lots in Istanbul, and create routes to parking lots.

“IBB Navi” guides you to find the nearest pharmacy on duty.

Traffic Information in Marmara Region

“IBB Navi” shows you the instant traffic intensity information in the Marmara Region, and keeps you advised of situations affecting the traffic flow negatively such as road work, traffic jam, accident, maintenance and repair works.

Many features are all together in “IBB Navi”

You can view the details related to your target and route with “IBB Navi”, and provide quick access by adding your frequently used targets to your favorites. You can obtain detailed information by glancing at the street look of your target or the place you selected.

You can share the situations posing a danger, roadwork and traffic jam over the “IBB Navi” from the notification menu, and you can provide this information to be seen by other users.

Traveling in the Marmara Region will be very easy for everyone with the “IBB Navi” application, which provides the language options as Turkish, English, German, French, Arabic and Italian.

Download it from Mobile Markets

You can download the application from App Store and Google Play to benefit from the privileges that “IBB Navi” provides. You can contribute to the improvement of the application by communicating your all comments, suggestions and technical support messages over the application.

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