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Dudullu – Bostancı Distance Gets Shorter as 21 Min…

Under the slogan, “The Metro Everywhere, the Metro to Every Place” with the name and signature of the Istanbul Mayor, Kadir Topbaş, a new metro line, the Dudullu – Bostancı Metro line (M8), which is a rapid transit line of the Istanbul Metro system on the Asian part of Istanbul, will be in service by the year 2019.

1/24/2017 12:00:00 AM

The Project is a metro line which is 14.2 km long and comprises 13 stations. This line consists of a 12.8 km long dual tube single line TBM tunnel and a 1.4 km long single tube dual line NATM tunnel. A total of 13 stations, of which 6 are of a tunnel type and 7, of an open & close type, will be built on the line by also completing their construction, engineering and finishing works at the same time. Intermediate crossing tunnels and switch zones shall also be developed on necessary points along the route.

Other works to be carried out under Dudullu - Bostancı Line are the following: civil works of power supply buildings (buildings for transformers, traction power, generators, etc.), architectural finishing works, entrance - exit structures, railway works, electricity supply and distribution, traction power; lighting; signaling; control and communication systems (SCADA, transmission, telephone, radio, TLC, public address, closed circuit TV, clock, access control, passenger information and passenger crossing and fare collection systems included); peripheral control systems (ventilation and acclimatization included); fire alarm, fire protection and fire extinguishing systems; platform separation doors / screens; drinking water, foul water and drainage systems; escalators, conveyor belts and elevators; railway works and design services in connection therewith (which will ensure that any parts of the system operate in an effective manner, require minimal maintenance and also ensure performance of temporary construction works in an effective manner at the same time), construction, supply, installation, testing and commissioning works, design and civil works of depot rail lines and electro mechanical installations together with necessary structures.

The depot line will be connected to the depot site on Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy Rail System Line, which is under construction, via a connection tunnel. The scope of the job includes: construction of the administrative (Ground + Floor 4) and auxiliary buildings (indoor warehouses, mess hall, 2 floor car parking lot) and the train parking structure which is planned to have 2 floors (whole of the same in terms of civil works and only those systems necessary for operation DB Line in terms of E & M).
Under the Project, there is one reservation for Ümraniye - Ataşehir - Göztepe Line and the single line connection tunnel.

As part of the project, 13 Stations (surface and underground) are as follows:

Bostancı Station, Emin Ali Paşa Station, Ayşe Kadın Station, Kozyatağı Station, Küçükbakkalköy Station, İçerenkoy Station, Kayışdağı Station, Türk-İş Blocks Station, İmes Station, Modoko Station, Dudullu Station, Yukarı Dudullu Station, Depo Station

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