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ISKI was founded in 1981 with the law no. 2560 under the supervision of Istanbul Governorship. But ISKI was attached to the Municipality of metropolitan ıstanbul in 1984 with law no. 3009.

The water problem of the city was solved with the reasonable investments and dynamic works within the 6 years after the administration of ISKI was changed in 1994. Today ISKI is taking place among the biggest investors of the country. ISKI has solved its vital problems and determined its all targets until 2040 through preparing a master plan for the water supply and waste water discharging.

Work on the Master Plan, the scope of which is to plan Istanbul's water supply and wastewater investments until the year 2040, commenced in 1992 and continued throughout 1997. As a result of the work carried out information such as population, water requirements, water resources and water purification as well as sewerage work and with reference to this, areas where sewers are lacking, and the recyding potential of treated wastewater has been collated and published in report form.

Water supply, storage and distribution, together with the places to which waste water must be channeled, new sewer networks, wastewater collection systems an wastewater treatment, rainwater drainage systems etc are all the subjects of reports which are constantly being updated. After the signature of a second additional contract work was completed on the TR3 Report (concerning existing and planned potable water supply systems).

Sea water pipe line was installed to the Adalar and clear quality drinking water was supplied via city network. 92% of the drinking water network was renewed. Wastage of of water is reduced from 65% to 33%. ISKI also has renewed its technical infrastructure according to the requirements of the contemporary time.

ISKI Activities

We'de better point out that Istanbul is a water paradise. The number of the streams extending to Istanbul is not very few. It was sort of an obligation to direct the waters of these streams to Istanbul. Consequently, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality built dams which carries the water to the city. Today, Istanbul has no water shortage problem.

ISKI, the responsible firm for water operations in Istanbul, became the biggest company in Turkey for public in 1995. The annual budget of ISKI in 1996 is $ 471,2 million and its investment budget is $ 195,1 million.

These investments of ISKI can be evaluated in two main groups as, drinking and waste water.


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