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BİMTAŞ (The Bosphorus Construction Consultancy Inc.)

BİMTAŞ has been providing engineering, consultancy and project services to affiliates of İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, district municipalities, public and private institutions for the realization of infrastructure and superstructure investments as a matter of planned and healthy urbanization since 1997.

Having accomplished several studies that changes the face of İstanbul, a city progressing rapidly to be a global center, BİMTAŞ has been meeting the demands of local governments and private sector by providing services both domestically and abroad such as feasibility, surveying, project and consultancy in all aspects of life ranging from stream rehabilitation to marine structures, energy, metro systems, industrial facilities, cultural centers, sports complexes, park and garden arrangements.

In addition to using Laser Scanning Technologies with the aim of recording architectural cultural heritage and generating technical drawing, restitution and restoration projects, BİMTAŞ has been providing service to public and private sector in matters like “Transferring 3D Laser data after 3D processing into 3D technical drawing - restitution and restoration projects and solid model” the patent holder of which is BİMTAŞ.

It has the feature of being the only center in our country providing service in “3D Mapping and generating city model at different levels by using Airborne Laser Scanning” which is another application area of Laser Scanning Technologies. 3D Mapping and City Modeling work which has been generated for the first time in Turkey has been specific to İstanbul and been presented for the use of Metropolitan Municipality. 


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