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Established: August 4, 1997

Adress: Güzeltepe Mah. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bulvarı No:33 Alibeyköy-Eyüp/İstanbul

Number of Employees: 367

Capital: 60.000.000 TL

Shareholders: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, İSKİ, İSFALT AŞ, ULAŞIM AŞ, İSTON AŞ.


  • In addition to the maintenance of existing green areas in Istanbul, offering every product used in the industry ranging from flower seeds to soil.
  • Sapling and ornamental plant cultivation at Alibeyköy and Pendik Nurseries in a scale to meet the sapling needs of the country, vegetable soil production for these plants and to conduct studies on the marketing and sales of these products.
  •  Perform services such as landscape projects that add to the city's aesthetics, environmental and road junctions layouts, watershed reforestation and maintenance of the urban forest.
  • Work towards gaining new green areas all over the country, and primarily in Istanbul. Contribute to non governmental organizations working for the development of environmental awareness. Conduct continuous scientific research for production at EU standards.
  • Modern parks that change the face of Istanbul, junction layouts, median layouts, trees along the highways for noise suppression.
  • Forestation and maintenance of cemeteries around Istanbul, reforestation, irrigation and landscaping projects implementation for dam basins and İSKİ facilities located in various districts of the city.
  • In cooperation with the Istanbul district municipalities, the supply of products such as millions of flowers, roses, trees, vegetable soil and landscaping implementations.
  • Reforestation of the Olympic Stadium area, completion of giant projects such as Sultanbeyli Pond Park, Göztepe 60th Year Park, the Tulip Festival in order to contribute to fresher air in Istanbul.
  • Opening of Gardening Application and Training Centers in order to contribute equipped gardeners to the industry.


2 large nurseries in the European and Asian sides in order to reach the same care and quality of service in each square of 55 million square meters project area across Istanbul.

Alibeyköy Nursery

With great importance in this field for Turkey in general, Alibeyköy Nursery carries the distinction of being Turkey's largest nursery with 210,000 m² area.

Additionally, the nursery with a 11,000 m² vegetable mortar production plant producing 1600 m3 mortar daily has a capacity of 3 million units of potted plants.

Pendik Nursery

In the nursery with an area of ​​130,000 square meters where work is performed taking into consideration the best quality of service, there is a 35,000 m² topsoil manufacturing plant with a production capacity of 1000 m3 per day. Pendik nursery has a potted plant capacity of 1 million units.

Garden Market

Turkey's first and largest of its kind, the Garden Market was opened in April 2011. Garden Markets supply nearly 2,000 different materials and products ranging from outdoor ornamental plants to fruit trees, landscaping to garden equipment.

Garden Market at the Alibeyköy Nursery site is the largest in Turkey with 1180 m² indoor and 4000 m² outdoor area offers its services to the industry and public.

Mini Garden Markets

Florya, Emirgan, Zincirlikuyu, Hidiv, Göztepe, Karacaahmet Mini Garden Markets are bringing flowers to the people of Istanbul through the dealer network.


An important part of the landscape arrangements are landscaping of cemeteries. Landscaping work is done in Istanbul cemeteries with seasonal flowers, groundcovers and ornamental plants, cemeteries are kept well maintained and aesthetically look nice.


  • Guaranteed Purchase Tulip Bulbs Production
  • Guaranteed Purchase Meilland Rose Production
  • Guaranteed Purchase Seasonal Flower Production
  • Guaranteed Purchase Ornamental Plant and Shrubs Production
  • Gardening Courses


  • With the aim of obtaining new varieties through hybridization in outdoor roses and to reduce dependence on foreign sources in breeding improved varieties of roses through mutation correction, the "Developing New Rose Types" project continues in association with TC Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock.
  • The "Pilot Scale Natural Dyes Production from Tulip Petals" project supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology has been completed by the Yildiz Technical University, and it has been established that natural dye production as a result of physical and chemical processes is possible.
  • R & D laboratory was established in 2010. Authorized by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock in 2013 in the laboratory performs soil, plants, irrigation water and peat analysis. In addition, in-house fertilizer, pumice etc. analysis are carried out.
  • Ornamental Plants Research and Experimentation Center was established in 2011 under the Istanbul Development Agency's information-driven economic development financial assistance program aimed at businesses. The center performs work on pest control in relation to ornamental plants, productivity and related experiments..


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